salt marshes of wrightsville beach

Paddleboarding the marshes around Wrightsville Beach

The Perfect Way to Explore the Marshes

salt marshes of wrightsville beach

Paddleboarding is best when its experienced in calm waters surrounded by a variety of wildlife.  The perfect place to find both calm water and a natural habitat swarming with life, is in the salt marshes surrounding Wrightsville Beach! 

We have lot’s of winding marshes along our coastline. And one of the best ways to explore the salt marshes and see the coastal ecosystem is by standup paddleboarding. For many fish and shellfish species, the salt marsh is their nursery. As you glide through the winding waterways, you will see an abundance of wildlife. Sting rays, crabs, dolphins, flounder, egrets, herons and multitudes of other creatures live and feed in the salt marshes. The salt marsh is serene and relaxing, and allows one to immerse themselves into nature. However, don’t get too relaxed. The salt marsh is dynamic in it’s own way, and always changing with the tides and the seasons.

Salt Marsh Paddleboarding Tours

paddle boarding marsh tours
Paddleboarding through the winding marshes of the Wrightsville Beach coastline.

Wrightsville Beach is surrounded by a maze of pools, and salt marsh waterways in it’s own backyard. Standup paddleboarding is the perfect way to see this beautiful setting and experience the natural habitats. Not only is it a paddleboarding adventure to remember, but its the best way to paddleboard without competing with boat traffic!

Book a tour

Epic Excursions specializes in a variety of paddleboarding tours that include boat transportation to the winding salt marshes surrounding Wrightsville Beach and the barrier islands.  The tours are “special”, as you will paddle through serene areas and natural habitats that can only be accessed by boat.  The guided tours are perfect for unwinding and getting away from the crowded beaches and boat traffic as you experience the beauty of Wrightsville Beach’s coastal ecosystem.

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