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Bell Tent Rental

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1 Night
2 Night
3 Night

Rent The Tent!

DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL EVENT AND NEED A TENT?  Such as a glamping birthday party, backyard family camp out, dinner event, cocktail party or wedding event? The bell tent is great for larger groups and special events and you can decorate it with anything you’d like to suit your occasion. The tent will hold 6-8 sleeping bags comfortably.

The bell tent takes it up a notch, and turns the ordinary into extraordinary…it’s perfect for the dreamers! Just let us know where you want the tent and we will set it up and pick up! You can choose a special location, but don’t forget about the fun of camping in your own backyard.

The bell tent is so cool, and great for special occasions. Whether it be for camping birthday parties, bride or groom holding area for weddings, or a dinner party with a cocktail area, the tent will be the perfect addition to make your occasion special!

We will deliver the tent to your desired location. (Limited to Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach)

Note: “Rent the Tent” is only for rental of the bell tent and rugs, and does not come with the set-up of the luxury amenities that come with our other glamping experiences.