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The Most EPIC Kid’s Camp

By: Alex Patton

Summer.  A time where we all remember counting down the days until school ends because we knew that meant one thing: freedom.  The moment that bell rang for the final time of the year signified the start of three months with no school, no teachers, and of course, no responsibilities.  For the first week, kids are on cloud nine catching up on television shows, hanging out with friends, and staying up late.  However, this time can only last so long until the kids get bored with doing “nothing.”  Well, you have heard of “out of school, into the pool”, but have you heard of “homework out of reach, hit the beach?”

paddleboarding marsh tour wrightsville beach
paddleboarding through marshes

As a kid, one always remembers which summer camps made the most memorable impact and which ones were a total (belly) flop. Camp was a time about trying new things, making new friends, and being away from mom and dad!  With this in mind, the “typical” summer camp follows the same structure: waking up early, having group activities and team building, typical camp activities (archery, riflery, rope courses etc.), and ending with a bonfire.  However, WE have a camp that is ANYTHING but TYPICAL. 

Introducing the Epic Excursions Adventure Camp!

Epic Adventure’s Camp gets your kids outside and connects them with aquatic environments. They are filled with a variety of outdoor adventures that are different each day of the week. The camp is considered a “boutique camp”, since the max for each camp is 6 kids.

Each day the campers will board the 23-foot coast guard inspected boat to head over to a barrier island surrounding Wrightsville Beach for activities and exploring. Since each day is unique, the kids are excited to see what kind of adventure lies ahead! And boy do we have adventures planned in Epic Adventures Camp!

epic excursions camp
23 foot deck boat

The camp provides the kids unique opportunities including learning to paddleboard, surf, and build a custom surfboard from owner and local shaper, Ian Balding.  At the end of the day your kids will have a variety of unique stories and experiences to share around the dinner table.  The camp goes from Monday to Friday, and last from 9am to 1pm!  If your child has a passion for exploring, learning, being outdoors, trying new things, and being on the water, then this is the right camp for them!

Epic Adventures Camp

Epic Adventures camp will surely be one to remember so don’t miss out on signing your child up. Visit to reserve your child’s spot for one of the best summers of their life!

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