Live like a local in Wrightsville Beach

Live like a Local

3 Best Beach Spots on Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach is the perfect coastal getaway. Located in the heart of Wilmington, North Carolina, this beach is well-known for its laid-back,  beachy attitude with a twist of southern hospitality. As every local knows,  Wrightsville Beach has a few well-known spots; where you can officially feel like a local. Here are the top three best beach spots located on Wrightsville Beach.

  1.  Shell Island – North End

Shell Island is located on the north end side of Wrightsville Beach. This site is the last access on the north tip; located right next to the Shell Island Resort. The location is fairly popular among locals who like to fish, look for seashells, or who like a little more peace and quiet. It is also a very popular destination for summer weddings! Fun fact about Shell Island: There are mailboxes located near the sand dunes where beach-goers can write letters in journals for others to read.

2. Johnnie Mercer Pier

Johnnie Mercer Pier is located in the middle of Wrightsville Beach. Built in the 1930s, the pier is one of the best spots for anyone who loves to fish or to just overall relax and enjoy the view. The pier also features a pierhouse; where it features a tackle shop, grill and a gift shop. Fun fact about Johnnie Mercer Pier: the pier extends about 1,200 feet into the Atlantic Ocean and well-known for fishing. The pier itself is opened 24/; where fisherman can take the advantage of fishing anytime of the day.

3. Crystal Pier- South End

Crystal Pier is located on the south end side of Wrightsville Beach. Originally built in 1939, this pier stretches 475 feet into the Atlantic Ocean; where you can fish and take a walk along the pier. The well-known restaurant Oceanic also is located on the Crystal Pier. Fun fact about Crystal Pier: In 1996, two hurricanes badly damaged the landmark; which once stretched 900 feet over sand and the ocean.

*Caution, while swimming near the piers, watch out for sea creatures like jellyfish and sharks *

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