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Glamping and the EPIC proposal!


When you think of glamping, the thought of luxury and comfort comes to mind.  And although glamping is a comfortable way of camping for the outdoorsy couple, it’s also very romantic and adventurous when you put an amazing tent in a beautiful setting with the ocean as a backdrop.  With all of this combined, glamping would be the perfect adventure for an epic marriage proposal.

Beautiful islands that are wonderful for romantic getaways surround the coast of Wrightsville Beach.  Some of our favorite spots that would be awesome for a glamping wedding proposal are Masonboro Island, Lea Island, and the uninhabited islands surrounding Mason’s Inlet.  Camping at these island destinations are more than cool for so many reasons. These islands are uninhabited, rustic, and are only accessible by boat, which adds to the adventure of a romantic proposal.


Planning The Perfect Glamping Proposal

Epic Excursions will help fine tune the details, but the first part of planning a glamping proposal is deciding on the island.  Masonboro Island seems to be the most popular island for celebrations and special occasions.  We’ve set up glamping for birthday parties, anniversaries, family outings, and wedding proposals on Masonboro, however we do love some of the other uninhabited islands for different reasons. Each island offers unique qualities of their own, and we can help you decide which island will be the best for your proposal.

Since each island is only accessible by boat, an Epic Excursions’s glamping adventure would start with a short boat cruise over to the uninhabited island.  To set the theme, we suggest starting the cruise with some champagne or wine.  We can have it ready when you get aboard, or you can bring your own special beverage.  We can also assist with any extras that you need waiting upon your arrival destination.  Special champagnes, desserts, and flowers make for great surprises to make the glamping experience even more unforgettable. We want your proposal to be one-of-a-kind, and we are ready to help with any special requests.


The Romantic Setting

You can’t go wrong with romantic sunrises and sunsets, good ole s’mores and a cozy bonfire.  Not to mention a cozy tent set up with magical lighting adds to a dreamy night of snuggling.  There’s just something so special being one with nature in a romantic island setting. Sleeping to the sound of the ocean and waking up to coffee brewing on a camp stove is what makes unforgettable memories.  Glamping is the perfect option for being outdoors in a romantic setting without the feeling of roughing it.  Our cozy bell tent with extra commodities and boat transportation, to and from the island, will be everything you need to make your proposal one to remember!

Don’t forget to have a photographer ready to capture the moment you pop the question.  We’re certain you will find plenty of propose-worthy opportunities on your glamping adventure.

If your inspired by the thought of a glamping proposal, contact Epic Excursions to start planning!  We’ll help plan a unique proposal that is customized to fit your needs!


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