masonboro island camping

Camping trip to Masonboro Island

By: Alex Patton & Connor Irey

Looking for one of the most unique adventures you can imagine? Yes Please….!

Look no further than Epic Excursions’ beachside camping on Masonboro Island! With 8 miles of undeveloped beach, Masonboro Island makes the perfect spot for overnight beach camping. With virtually deserted beaches, you will feel as if you are on your own little private island.  The experience starts with either boat transportation or paddleboard transportation from Wrightsville Beach (depending on the camping package you choose) to the uninhabited island. From there, get ready for an experience that will be one to remember!

Masonboro Island Camping
Masonboro Island Camping

Choose your package

Our camping package with boat transportation can accommodate up to six people and consists of a scenic boat ride to and from the island. Tent setup and breakdown, firewood, and a lantern is provided for your overnight stay.  For an extra challenge, we offer an additional package for those who want to be a bit more adventurous.

The “paddle over package” is a little more adventurous for those who like a challenge. Your adventure begins at the same location but rather than taking a boat to the island, you will take our famous Paddle Bateau Board, as seen in Garden & Gun Magazine.  The Paddle Bateau can accommodate up to two people, and includes a two-person dome tent, a cooler, trash bag, lantern, dry bag, and map!

island camping Wrightsville Beach
Island Camping
Masonboro Island camping adventure
Paddle Bateau

Camping on Masonboro Island is a privilege. For that reason, maintaining the island for future enjoyment is our paramount priority. Camping on the dunes or vegetation is not permitted, however there are amazing nooks around the dunes that are awesome for bonfires and tent camping. Keep in mind, the beach is wide which offers up plenty of room for camping opportunity.

Your furry friends will love the island

Masonboro Island Camping
Dogs love beach camping too!

Because of the wide beaches on the island, your canine friends will love camping as much as you will. Your furry friends can run freely without concern of running away due to the small size of the island!

Safety on the island

It goes without saying, our biggest concern with any of our campers is definitely safety. Because the uninhabited island does not offer any facilities, being prepared for your camping trip is key. Be sure to bring plenty of water to prevent dehydration in the heat. Additionally, charging your phone sufficiently is important, and consider bringing an external battery for extra power in case an emergency arises. Being well prepared for your journey will make your camping adventure a more comfortable experience.  

From a group of friends bonding, to a unique romantic getaway, the Masonboro Island camping experience provided by Epic Excursions is sure to be a trip to remember.  To book a trip call us at (910) 239-9248 or email us at

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